लड्डू गोपाल के 108 नाम | श्री कृष्ण के 108 नाम

लड्डू गोपाल के 108 नाम: श्रीकृष्ण, विष्णु के 8वें अवतार के रूप में जाने जाते हैं, और उन्हें कई नामों से संबोधित किया जाता है जैसे कान्हा, श्याम, गोपाल, केशव, द्वारकेश, और वासुदेव। उनका जन्म मथुरा में हुआ था, लेकिन उनका लालन-पालन गोकुल में यशोदा और नन्द के द्वारा किया गया। उन्होंने महाभारत के युद्ध में अर्जुन के सारथी की भूमिका निभाई और उन्हें भगवद्गीता का उपदेश दिया, जिसे उनके जीवन की सर्वोत्तम रचना मानी जाती है। आइए जानें लड्डू गोपाल के 108 नाम

लड्डू गोपाल के 108 नाम कौन कौन से हैं?

जानिए लड्डू गोपाल के 108 नाम। ये नाम उनके दिव्य स्वरूप को व्यक्त करते हैं और उनके भक्तों को आध्यात्मिक साधना में मार्गदर्शन करते हैं। ये नाम उनकी गुणों, शक्तियों और लीलावतारों का संकलन हैं।

  1. अचला (Immutable) – Unchanging; not subject to change.
  2. अच्युत (Infallible) – Incapable of failure or error.
  3. अद्भुतह (Marvelous) – Extraordinary; filled with wonder.
  4. आदिदेव (The Primordial God) – The original or first divine entity.
  5. अदित्या (Son of Aditi) – Offspring of the cosmic mother, Aditi.
  6. अजन्मा (Unborn) – Without birth; eternal.
  7. अजया (Unconquerable) – Invincible; cannot be defeated.
  8. अक्षरा (Imperishable) – Not subject to destruction or decay.
  9. अमृत (Nectar) – Divine elixir; symbolizing immortality.
  10. अनादिह (Beginningless) – Without a start; eternal.
  11. आनंद सागर (Ocean of Bliss) – Infinite source of joy and happiness.
  12. अनंता (Infinite) – Limitless; without end.
  13. अनंतजीत (Ever Victorious) – Always triumphant; forever winning.
  14. अनया (Without a Master) – Not controlled by anyone; independent.
  15. अनिरुद्धा (Unrestrained) – Not restricted; free from limitations.
  16. अपराजित (Unconquerable) – Impossible to defeat or overcome.
  17. अव्युक्ता (Unmanifested) – Not visible or apparent; hidden.
  18. बाल गोपाल (The Child Gopal) – Young Krishna, often depicted as a child.
  19. बलि (Powerful) – Possessing great strength or might.
  20. चतुर्भुज (Four-Armed) – Having four arms; a common depiction of Vishnu.
  21. दानवेंद्रो (Lord of Demons) – Supreme ruler over evil forces.
  22. दयालु (Compassionate) – Full of compassion and kindness.
  23. दयानिधि (Ocean of Compassion) – A vast source of mercy and empathy.
  24. देवाधिदेव (God of Gods) – The supreme deity among all deities.
  25. देवकीनंदन (Son of Devaki) – Krishna, the son of Devaki.
  26. देवेश (Lord of the Gods) – Supreme ruler of all divine beings.
  27. धर्माध्यक्ष (Overseer of Righteousness) – Guardian of moral law and order.
  28. द्वारकाधीश (Lord of Dwarka) – Ruler of the city of Dwarka.
  29. गोपाल (Protector of Cows) – Guardian and caretaker of cows.
  30. गोपालप्रिया (Beloved of Gopis) – Loved dearly by the Gopis (cowherd girls).
  31. गोविंदा (Lord of the Cows) – Another name for Krishna, the protector of cows.
  32. ज्ञानेश्वर (Lord of Knowledge) – Master of wisdom and enlightenment.
  33. हरि (The Remover of Sins) – One who eradicates sin and purifies.
  34. हिरण्यगर्भा (One Emerging from the Golden Egg) – Symbolizing creation emerging from the primordial state.
  35. ऋषिकेश (Lord of the Sages) – Master of all ascetics and wise beings.
  36. जगद्गुरु (Preceptor of the Universe) – Teacher and guide of all creation.
  37. जगदीशा (Lord of the Universe) – Ruler and controller of the cosmos.
  38. जगन्नाथ (Lord of the World) – Sovereign over all realms and dimensions.
  39. जनार्धना (Prosperity of the People) – Source of welfare and prosperity for all.
  40. जयंतह (Conqueror of All) – One who triumphs over everything.
  41. ज्योतिरादित्या (Radiant Like the Sun) – Shining with the brilliance of the sun.
  42. कमलनाथ (Lord of Lakshmi) – Husband of the goddess Lakshmi, the bestower of wealth.
  43. कमलनयन (Lotus-Eyed) – Having eyes as beautiful and serene as lotus petals.
  44. कामसांतक (Slayer of Desire) – Conqueror of worldly desires and attachments.
  45. कंजलोचन (Lotus-Eyed) – Another name for Krishna, whose eyes resemble lotus flowers.
  46. केशव (Slayer of Keshi Demon) – One who defeated the demon named Keshi.
  47. कृष्ण (The Dark One) – Dark-skinned; the name of the eighth incarnation of Vishnu.
  48. लक्ष्मीकांत (Consort of Lakshmi) – Husband of the goddess of wealth and prosperity.
  49. लोकाध्यक्ष (Lord of the Universe) – Supreme ruler and overseer of all realms.
  50. मदन (Lord of Love) – God of Love; another name for Kamadeva.
  51. माधव (Consort of Ma) – Spouse of the goddess Ma, another name for Lakshmi.
  52. मधुसूदन (Slayer of the Demon Madhu) – One who vanquished the demon named Madhu.
  53. महेन्द्र (Indra Among Men) – Like Indra, the king of the gods, among humans.
  54. मनमोहन (Enchanter of Minds) – Captivator of hearts and minds.
  55. मनोहर (Beautiful) – Charming and captivating.
  56. मयूर (Peacock Feathered) – Adorned with peacock feathers.
  57. मोहन (Bewitching) – Enchanting; captivating.
  58. मुरली (One Who Plays the Flute) – The divine musician who plays the flute.
  59. मुरलीधर (Holder of the Flute) – One who carries the flute.
  60. मुरली मनोहर (Enchanting Flute Player) – Captivating musician who plays the flute.
  61. नंदगोपाल (Son of Nanda) – Krishna, the beloved son of Nanda Maharaj.
  62. नारायन (The Supreme Being) – The ultimate reality; the source of creation.
  63. निरंजन (Spotless) – Pure and immaculate; without blemish.
  64. निर्गुण (Without Attributes) – Transcendent; beyond all qualities.
  65. पद्महस्ता (Lotus-Handed) – One with hands resembling lotus flowers.
  66. पद्मनाभ (Lotus-Navelled) – Having a navel shaped like a lotus.
  67. परब्रह्मन (Supreme Brahman) – The ultimate reality beyond all forms.
  68. परमात्मा (Supreme Soul) – The divine essence pervading all existence.
  69. परम पुरुष (Supreme Person) – The ultimate being beyond all limitations.
  70. पार्थसारथी (Charioteer of Arjuna) – Krishna, the charioteer of Arjuna in the Mahabharata.
  71. प्रजापति (Lord of All Creatures) – Creator and protector of all beings.
  72. पुण्य (Holy) – Pure and virtuous; full of merit.
  73. पुरुषोत्तम (Supreme Person) – The highest and most excellent being.
  74. रविलोचन (Sun-Eyed) – Having eyes as radiant as the sun.
  75. सहस्राकाश (Thousand-Rayed) – Radiating light in all directions.
  76. सहस्रजीत (Thousand-Victorious) – Always triumphant in a thousand ways.
  77. सहस्रपात (Thousand-Footed) – Possessing a thousand feet.
  78. साक्षी (Witness) – Observer; one who perceives all.
  79. सनातन (Eternal) – Everlasting; without beginning or end.
  80. सर्वजन (All-Knowing) – Omniscient; aware of all things.
  81. सर्वपालक (Protector of All) – Guardian and caretaker of everything.
  82. सर्वेश्वर (Lord of All) – Supreme ruler over all entities.
  83. सत्य वचन (Speaker of Truth) – One who always speaks the truth.
  84. सत्यव्त (Truthful) – Honest and sincere; adhering to truth.
  85. शंतह (Peaceful) – Tranquil; free from disturbance.
  86. श्रेष्ठ (Best) – Superior; of the highest quality.
  87. श्रीकांत (The Beautiful One) – The most beautiful and charming.
  88. श्याम (Dark-Skinned) – Having a dark complexion.
  89. श्यामसुंदर (Beautiful Dark Lord) – Lord Krishna, the charming dark-skinned deity.
  90. सुदर्शन (Good-Looking) – Having an attractive appearance.
  91. सुमेध (Wise) – Intelligent and insightful.
  92. सुरेशम (Lord of the Gods) – Supreme ruler over all celestial beings.
  93. स्वर्गपति (Lord of Heaven) – Ruler and master of the celestial realm.
  94. त्रिविक्रमा (Conqueror of Three Worlds) – One who has dominion over heaven, earth, and the underworld.
  95. उपेन्द्र (Younger Brother of Indra) – Krishna, the younger sibling of Indra, the king of gods.
  96. वैकुंठनाथ (Lord of Vaikuntha) – Ruler of the heavenly abode of Vishnu.
  97. वर्धमानह (Ever Growing) – Always expanding and evolving.
  98. वासुदेव (Son of Vasudeva) – Krishna, the son of Vasudeva.
  99. विष्णु (The All-Pervading One) – The omnipresent deity; the preserver in the Hindu trinity.
  100. विश्वदक्शिनह (Supporter of the Universe) – Sustainer and upholder of the cosmos.
  101. विश्वकर्मा (Creator of the Universe) – The divine architect; the maker of all creation.
  102. विश्वमूर्ति (Embodiment of the Universe) – Personification of the entire cosmos.
  103. विश्वरूपा (Universal Form) – Manifestation of the universal aspect of God.
  104. विश्वात्मा (Soul of the Universe) – Essence and spirit pervading all existence.
  105. वृषपर्व (One with a Bull Flag) – Symbolizing the flag with a bull emblem, associated with Krishna.
  106. यदवेंद्रा (King of the Yadavas) – Leader of the Yadava clan, to which Krishna belonged.
  107. योगि (Yogi) – One who practices yoga; a practitioner of spiritual disciplines.
  108. योगिनाम्पति (Lord of Yogis) – Supreme ruler over all practitioners of yoga.

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