101 Traditional and Mythological Hindu Baby Boy Names (2024)

There are a number of Hindu baby boy names that have stood the test of time, all with deep meanings and virtues. Each name represents wisdom, courage and goodness that form part of our heritage; ranging from great warriors of our mythologies to gods and goddesses venerated over millennia. Here is an extensive compilation of 101 traditional and mythological Hindu baby boy names – each of which is a gem waiting for your little one.

While embracing tradition and mythology, Hindu baby boy names come with deep meanings and virtues that have been tested through time. They range from the courageous characters in our epics to heavenly beings who have been worshipped over centuries.

101 Traditional and Mythological Hindu Baby Boy Names

  1. Aditya: Descendant of Aditi; the sun god.
  2. Aryaman: Aditya, symbolizing nobility and friendship.
  3. Bhargava: Descendant of Bhrigu; representing spiritual wisdom.
  4. Chandra: The moon god; symbol of serenity and beauty.
  5. Dhruv: Pole star; symbol of steadfastness and devotion.
  6. Ganesh: The remover of obstacles; god of wisdom.
  7. Hanuman: Devotee of Lord Rama; embodiment of devotion and strength.
  8. Indra: King of the gods; symbol of leadership and power.
  9. Karna: Heroic figure from Mahabharata; known for generosity and valor.
  10. Krishna: Eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu; symbolizes love and playfulness.
  11. Lakshmana: Brother of Lord Rama; epitome of loyalty and duty.
  12. Narasimha: Man-lion avatar of Lord Vishnu; represents protection and justice.
  13. Parth: Another name for Arjuna; skilled warrior prince.
  14. Raghav: Descendant of Raghu; another name for Lord Rama.
  15. Surya: The sun god; symbol of vitality and energy.
  16. Varun: God of the waters; represents cosmic flow and abundance.
  17. Yudhisthira: Eldest Pandava; known for righteousness and integrity.
  18. Bhishma: Granduncle of Pandavas; epitome of commitment and sacrifice.
  19. Kartikeya: God of war and victory; son of Shiva and Parvati.
  20. Nakul: One of the Pandava brothers; known for beauty and skill.
  21. Abhimanyu: Son of Arjuna and Subhadra; symbolizes courage and bravery.
  22. Acharya: Teacher; signifies wisdom and guidance.
  23. Balarama: Elder brother of Lord Krishna; represents strength and protection.
  24. Chaitanya: Consciousness; symbolizes intelligence and awareness.
  25. Dhananjay: Another name for Arjuna; conqueror of wealth.
  26. Eklavya: Disciple of Dronacharya; known for dedication and skill.
  27. Gautam: Sage Gautama; epitome of austerity and meditation.
  28. Harish: Another name for Lord Vishnu; lord of monkeys.
  29. Ishaan: Another name for Lord Shiva; symbolizes power and energy.
  30. Jagannath: Lord of the universe; represents divine sovereignty.
  31. Kailash: Abode of Lord Shiva; symbolizes strength and stability.
  32. Lalit: Beautiful; signifies elegance and grace.
  33. Manish: Lord of the mind; symbolizes intelligence and wisdom.
  34. Nandish: Devotee of Lord Shiva; symbolizes joy and contentment.
  35. Omkar: Sacred syllable “Om”; represents cosmic consciousness.
  36. Pavan: Wind; symbolizes purity and freedom.
  37. Rajendra: King of kings; symbolizes royal power and authority.
  38. Siddharth: One who achieves his goals; symbolizes accomplishment.
  39. Tejas: Radiance; signifies brilliance and vitality.
  40. Utkarsh: Prosperity; symbolizes progress and growth.
  41. Vedant: End of the Vedas; signifies spiritual knowledge.
  42. Yashwant: Ever victorious; symbolizes fame and glory.
  43. Aadi: First; represents primordial existence.
  44. Advaith: Non-dual; signifies unity and oneness.
  45. Bharat: Descendant of Bharata; symbolizes India and universal ruler.
  46. Charan: Feet; signifies surrender and humility.
  47. Dinesh: Lord of the day; symbolizes the sun god.
  48. Govind: Protector of cows; another name for Lord Krishna.
  49. Harihar: Fusion of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva; symbolizes harmony.
  50. Ishwar: Supreme being; signifies divine power and authority.
  51. Jayant: Victorious; symbolizes triumph and success.
  52. Kamal: Lotus; signifies purity and enlightenment.
  53. Lakshminarayan: Fusion of Lakshmi and Narayana; symbolizes prosperity and divinity.
  54. Madhavan: Another name for Lord Krishna; symbolizes sweetness and charm.
  55. Narayan: Another name for Lord Vishnu; symbolizes refuge and protection.
  56. Paras: Touchstone; signifies purity and discernment.
  57. Raman: Pleasing; symbolizes delight and happiness.
  58. Shankar: Auspicious; another name for Lord Shiva.
  59. Tarun: Young; signifies youthfulness and vitality.
  60. Ujjwal: Bright; symbolizes radiance and clarity.
  61. Vikram: Valor; signifies courage and bravery.
  62. Yashwanth: Famous; symbolizes renown and honor.
  63. Aarush: First ray of the sun; signifies new beginnings.
  64. Anirudh: Boundless; signifies infinite expansion.
  65. Bhuvanesh: Lord of the world; symbolizes cosmic sovereignty.
  66. Chiranjeevi: Immortal; signifies eternal life and vitality.
  67. Dharmendra: King of righteousness; symbolizes moral integrity.
  68. Girish: Lord of the mountains; another name for Lord Shiva.
  69. Himanshu: Moon; signifies coolness and tranquility.
  70. Jitendra: Conqueror of the senses; symbolizes self-control and mastery.
  71. Keshav: Another name for Lord Krishna; signifies beautiful hair.
  72. Lokesh: Lord of the world; symbolizes cosmic governance.
  73. Madhavendra: Another name for Lord Krishna; symbolizes sweetness and charm.
  74. Nikhil: Complete; signifies wholeness and inclusivity.
  75. Pranay: Love; symbolizes deep affection and devotion.
  76. Rajiv: Lotus; signifies purity and enlightenment.
  77. Shivendra: Lord of Shiva; symbolizes divine power and authority.
  78. Tanay: Son; signifies filial connection and love.
  79. Uttam: Best; symbolizes excellence and perfection.
  80. Vijay: Victory; signifies triumph and success.
  81. Yugesh: Lord of the ages; symbolizes cosmic time and eternity.
  82. Abhinav: New; signifies freshness and innovation.
  83. Amarendra: Immortal; signifies eternal existence.
  84. Brahma: The creator god; symbolizes cosmic creation and creativity.
  85. Chaitra: Spring; signifies renewal and rejuvenation.
  86. Dheeraj: Patience; symbolizes endurance and composure.
  87. Gopal: Protector of cows; another name for Lord Krishna.
  88. Hrishikesh: Lord of the senses; another name for Lord Vishnu.
  89. Jagdish: Lord of the universe; signifies cosmic sovereignty.
  90. Kiran: Ray of light; symbolizes illumination and clarity.
  91. Laksh: Aim; signifies purpose and direction.
  92. Mahendra: Great Indra; signifies greatness and power.
  93. Nand: Joy; symbolizes happiness and contentment.
  94. Prabhakar: Sun; signifies radiance and vitality.
  95. Rajat: Silver; symbolizes purity and value.
  96. Shashank: Moon; signifies tranquility and beauty.
  97. Teerth: Sacred place; signifies spiritual purity.
  98. Uday: Rising sun; signifies dawn and new beginnings.
  99. Vidyut: Lightning; symbolizes energy and power.
  100. Yug: Era; signifies cosmic time and eternity.
  101. Amitabh: Immeasurable splendor; signifies boundless glory.

Hindu Baby Boy Names – Why Traditional and Mythological Names Matter

Hindu names which are traditional or historical are not just mere designations but they are in themselves heritage, culture and values. They connect the baby to a vast network of stories, teachings and morals that have been a part of Hindu civilization for thousands of years as per the parent who chooses name of such kind from days of yore. Such names serve to enhance power, bravery, intelligence and kindness among other things to such kids who will carry them from their time of birth till maturity is achieved.

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